Studies have shown that although both men and women have the capacity to use their intuition, women’s brains are hardwired for it.  That’s right ladies! We can claim that inner voice, that gut instinct, that “feeling” we just have.

But here’s the thing, even though we have such a strong capacity for intuition we’ve almost forgotten how to let it lead us.  And I mean really let it lead us through life.  


We haven’t exactly been celebrated for our ability to “just know”.  Our ability to be sensitive to other people and situations has been devalued.  It’s been objectified and traded in for more “logical thinking.”
As women we’ve been teased for wanting to follow our intuition.  Maybe even been made fun of.  After all, being sensitive is a gift, yet we haven’t necessarily been taught to embrace this aspect of ourself.  We might have been criticized for being so in touch with our emotions thus blocked it out.  
For so long we’ve been taught to default to the opinion and logic of others.  We’ve been subliminally coached not to trust our own wisdom.   
Well ladies, it’s time to bring back one of our greatest attributes: Women’s Intuition!
It’s all part of listening and following our higher consciousness.  We already have a built-in system that tells us what’s good and what’s bad.  It’s just a matter of following it.
In today’s podcast my guest, Julie Guthrie and I really dive in to what it means to follow your intuition.  
It might mean following guidance without knowing the end result.  It might mean making really difficult decisions.
What happens when we don’t follow our instincts?
Join us on today’s podcast  to listen in on our deep and personal discussion on Women’s Intuition.

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