How can we weave more gratitude into our daily life? Dr. Christiane Northup recently finished up a year-long gratitude post on Instagram.  Each day she recorded a 60 second clip on what she was grateful for that day.  Some days were obvious items of gratitude, such a day full of sunshine, other days were not so obvious pieces.  She was grateful for her organic food delivery service; she was grateful for a bloom that had finally sprouted on a plant; she was grateful to have enough wood stacked up to put in her wood burning stove on a very snowy evening. Her point was to show there is something to be grateful for everyday in almost every moment.  As she looked for these grateful moments she found more items of gratitude than she anticipated.

Dr. Northup goes on to say “being grateful for what you already have is a surefire way to get more. Gratitude is a way of being.”  It raises our vibration and ability to attract more because when we are focused on the abundance we have in our life we become a magnet for more. When we are in the mindset of being grateful for even the smallest things around us we begin to notice all the gifts we really have.  When we see through the lens of gratitude we begin to see how full our lives really are.

 Gratitude can also be used with experiences that cause us grief, anxiety, anger etc. A brief reminder, the Universe won’t give us more than we can handle.  In fact, with each challenging situation, we already have the answers within us. When we give thanks to the universe for each experience of anger or grief or anxiety, and ask that we be shown the lessons, we open ourselves up for miracles. The experience gives us the opportunity to heal a particular place in our life. Each experience we have provides us with miraculous opportunities for our own growth and healing.

When we show gratitude to the Divine for orchestrating the moments in our life we are saying thank you for the gift of growth; thank you for the gift of uncovering the pieces of ourselves that we have held onto and harbored in our darkest spaces. These pieces are here to teach us lesson.  When we are grateful for the experiences in our life we open the floodgates for more opportunities of abundance.  It’s the law of attraction.

We are grateful for the money we have available in our bank no matter how large or small we are telling the Universe we are thankful for the abundance.  The Divine can then send us more.  When we are cursing the lack of money and telling the Universe we wish we had more, we are putting ourselves in the cycle of  always wishing for more.  With this type of thinking it’s almost guaranteed we’ll never have enough, according to our thoughts.

When we are grateful for our health, even if we have a number of ailments that we are currently experiencing, we can be grateful for the parts of us that are well.  We can also ask the Universe for the reason and purpose for our ailments.  What is the reason I am experiencing this dis-ease in my body?  If we have an open heart and open mind, we will be shown the gift.

   Feeling grateful is a choice.  We have to consciously make the choice to  feel positive and grateful. It’s like a muscle to be trained.  We are not born with this mindset.  It is a choice we make to shift our awareness. Gratitude requires us to have an open heart and open mind. For us to have gratitude we have to have the space for it to occur. When we start making this a daily practice when begin to see just how truly blessed with abundance we really are.

Check out this weeks video on Gratitude here.

  1. Cindy P March 16, 2017 at 8:59 pm Reply

    I am grateful for this incredibly beautiful spring weather that invites us to be outside enjoying it.

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