Do you ever look back on your year and take inventory of  all that’s transpired?
Have you ever thought, “Did I do what I set out to do this year?”  “How did this year unfold for me?”  “Am I happy with how my life’s going?”
That’s exactly what we’re doing today.  And next week.
My guest Julie Guthrie and I look back through this past years blogs and reflect on the personal work we’ve done.

Inspiration for blogging comes from our personal journey’s.  We’re both willing to grow, learn, and heal through our own experiences.

Today we’re reflecting on our issues and transformations over the past year.

We’re looking back at the intentions we put out in the world, the ideas we wanted to create, the relationships we desired, the growth on our personal path.

When we do this type of mindful creation with the Universe we have to be open to what the Universe has to offer.  It might not always look like what we want it to.  We might not get the carte blanch plate we thought we’d get.  Our results may be entirely different from what we imagined.

When co-creating with the Universe, the powers that be always know what’s best for our highest good; what would benefit us the most.  Just because we ask for a particular desire and work hard at manifesting it, doesn’t mean this desire’s in our highest good.  There may be something even better on the horizon we can’t quite see yet.  Or we might need to complete a specific task before having what we think we need.

That’s when we have to realize there is a greater power at work than us.  And this higher power has our best intentions in mind.

The key to living a life we desire, receiving the best life we can possibly imagine, is being open to all the Universe bring us.  Working through some of our toughest and most painful memories is part of that requirement.

Julie and I have been willing to show up in these ways.  We are well aware of how this gig works and know all too well that even though we think we know exactly what we want and how we want it delivered, it almost never flows like our self-made plans.

January started with Slowing Down, Mindfulness, and Checking Out My Beliefs.  Am I living the life I want or not.  And if not, what beliefs are keeping me from living the life I desire?

February brough about focusing on Listening To Our Inner Guidance.  For me it was about really honing in on the listening piece; finding out to go within and listen rather than searching externally.

This opened up a space for me to realize how I was contributing to the noise and the clutter going on in my mind.  Sweet Contribution asks the questions about what we’re contributing to the world.  Are we really giving back or are we cluttering the world with more noise?

Which then brought me to dig even further into my thoughts.  How are my thoughts contributing to my vocalization in the world? What Are You Thinking explores our thoughts.  Are they where we want them to be?  Do we find ourselves going down the rabbit hole of negativity or instead do we watch the thoughts and know how to get back on track when we’re ready?  Did you know you are in control of your inner world?

Getting brutally honest with ourself can be painful, scary and exhilarating.  And when we can look back over the entire year to see exactly how our life has played out, it’s really affirming to see the progress we’ve made.

It’s so much to talk about we’ve realized it’ll take two podcasts to cover it.

Today and next week Julie and I uncover all these questions and more.

Listen to hear everything that’s unfolded for Julie and me.

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