Several weeks ago I blogged about surrendering and having faith in the Universe. Let’s dig a bit deeper and really find out just how it is that we come about having faith. In order for us to surrender to the Universe and have faith that all will workout, we must have built a relationship with the Universe, the Divine, and know that when we surrender and have faith the outcome will always be for our highest good.  

For us to have faith requires an enormous amount of trust and belief.  And to have trust and belief there has to have been a history of building up this trust through past events. Faith just doesn’t happen.  When someone says, “Have faith in me!” there must be a relationship present with this person to even consider having faith.  In a nano second the history between you and said person plays out in your mind and you decide whether or not to “have faith” in what they are asking.

 When I say to you, “Give it up to the Universe and let it go,” I’m asking you to have faith the situation will be resolved for your highest good; that a higher power greater than you knows what’s best and will orchestrate the perfect outcome. Easier said than done sometimes. You have to have a relationship already built-in before you can just let go.

Have you ever practiced surrendering and having faith?  Have you been stuck with an outcome or in the middle of a problem and not sure what to do next?  If you don’t already have one, I invite you start a practice of releasing a few situations to the Universe and trust in the Divine.  To begin state your problem, your quandary, your concern or your desire. If you have a problem you’d like help with be specific about the problem and ask that the highest good be served for all involved, then step back and follow the guidance.  If you have a request or a desire, this is where you’ll want to make sure you’re not controlling too much, thus actually blocking your receptivity. I recommend letting the Divine know your desires and wishes and ask for guidance on how to go about getting your desire.

When I started creating this habit I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I would tell the Universe what I wanted, how I wanted it, what color I wanted and how I would like it to show up. WRONG!  This is still controlling.  I wasn’t releasing anything to the Divine. I was simply telling the Universe every detail of what I wanted and presenting it up.  Surrendering doesn’t work this way.  Surrendering is presenting the bigger picture and asking for the guidance on how to get there.

If I were to tell the Universe for example that I was ready to open my heart to more love and give thanks for showing me how to do this, the Universe is most likely to put one or several events in my path that will challenge my expectations and stretch my perceptions of what love looks like.  It’s likely I won’t get a cute, furry new animal to love or a shiny new toy; my heart would have already been open to this kind of love. By asking for my heart to be open to more love I might first have to learn that love can look differently than what I previously thought. It’s been my experience the Universe will usually send a challenge.  When I have realized that my heart can open to more love, normally more opportunities to see love in different ways present themself to me.

I’ll use an example of my own .  I’ve been struggling with making a decision regarding one of my sons.  I’ve been clear with the Universe that I don’t know which decision to make. I’ve asked for clear guidance.  I’ve been sitting with this situation for a week and to me it seemed I was getting nowhere, however, I was expecting a definitive yes or no answer from the Divine. That’s not what I was getting. Instead I was guided to go yoga on a day I thought I was going to run.  At the beginning of the class I set my intention to hear answers for the question I had been asking.  Within five minutes of class starting I heard loud and clear in my mind to make a couple of phone calls.  These aren’t the yes or no answers I was looking for but it was the  guidance I needed to hear.  By making the phone calls and asking questions I’ll get the answers I’m seeking. The guidance wasn’t in the direction I was anticipating however it lead me to use my ingenuity rather than seeking a yes or no and bypassing the work.

I continued to rely on the Universe in this way for guidance.  By having this relationship I’ve learned to have faith in what I ask for.  I know that when I ask for help the guidance I receive will always be for my highest good.  It might not be the easy answer I want or the end result I am hoping for, sometimes it’s been better than I could have imagined. I have faith it is exactly what I need for my growth and it comes at exactly the right moment.

Check out my video on FAITH here.

  1. Cindy P March 22, 2017 at 10:35 am Reply

    Your words are inspiring and give us clear steps to follow. Thx

    • March 22, 2017 at 3:30 pm Reply

      Thank you! Having faith is one of the easiest things we can do if we just know how. And remember to do it!

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