I’m changing up the site already!  Movement, fluidity and trust is key when you’re following the guidance of the Universe.  A few days ago I participated in a talk from one of the biggest publishing houses in the global market.  The topic was branding, marketing and publishing.  The biggest piece I took away from this was the branding and marketing of myself and my site .  Did you know studies have shown that people relate more to sites with a personal name and face rather than with a created name and brand?  Credibility rises among readers who go to a site named after the creator in lieu of  a name they have created.  And, it lends itself to unlimited creativity under my name rather than having a brand name.

After listening to the webinar several times and acknowledging all the reasons, studies, and proof of success, the talk has shown me I was still hesitant on changing my name.  Of course I dug in, and was super curious as to what was hanging out internally that wasn’t allowing this obvious flow and change.  So many issues came up for me, the biggest being my ego.  It takes a lot of gumption to name a site after yourself.  It takes confidence, wisdom, and knowledge of what you’re talking about. Naming your site after yourself says, “Hey! I’m an expert in this field and I know what I’m talking about.”

I looked at many of my girlfriends sites that have made the transition of rebranding themselves and renaming their sites.  And of course it makes total sense that they would do that.  They know what they’re talking about and have so much knowledge and expertise in their field.  I completely trust what they put out.  I have every confidence in reading their blog.  And it makes sense that they’ve used the umbrella of their name since they have many areas of creativity tin which they are moving.  Their name as the name of their site means they can produce anything they want to instead of  just staying with food blogging or using essential oils or just life coaching or working with angels.  If these fabulous women were to limit themselves to just one area and name their site accordingly they wouldn’t be able to branch out and do the marvelous work they’re doing at allowing the universe to flow through them.

So I’m back to asking myself what’s my hang up…..??? I’ve sat with this for several days now playing with the name, saying my name out loud, asking others for their opinion of what they thought.  And at one point of asking others for their opinion something shifted internally.   There was a moment I realized I was asking others for their opinion on what I did, as if to say, “is this ok with you?”…I was giving a part of my power away; I was seeking approval from others.  I was allowing others to have a say so in my career instead in being in my power, wisdom and knowledge of what’s best for me and my big ideas of where my web site is going.  No one else knows better the deepest thoughts and ideas that I have for my site so why was I asking…?   In this moment of aha! I realized I was done with this pattern. I do have the knowledge, wisdom and expertise; I’m living what I’m writing.  What better expert is there than me to write about my life?   Pattern complete!

Now don’t get me wrong about the asking part; there is definitely a time and place to ask for opinions and advice.  For example, in asking for advice on this change there is one person whose advice I deeply sought after because of her experience and wisdom and I knew I wasn’t searching for approval from her but desired her wisdom of experience.  Since I had already observed the old patterns, I realized this felt completely different from asking for approval.  However, when you can’t seem to see your way out of a situation; when you’re so deep in an issue you need a second opinion; when you’ve created what you think is the most luscious vegan dish and want someone else to taste it too and give only their positive loving thoughts… these are all times good times for that second opinion. When you recognize the difference between asking for advice rather than the need for approval you’ve hit the jackpot.

Clearly by now you know what I’m doing; I’m renaming my site. There is so much that I want to create. I’ve barely touched the surface. I desire to create all that I have in mind and more. I desire to allow the universe to continually show me how the site can ebb and flow to serve the needs of others.   Staying under one name of a created brand name keeps me in one place and I am so much bigger than that.  So I’m renaming the site!  And it will be under my name! Can you feel my smile as you read this?  Because I’m smiling as I type it!   It’s exciting for me. On so many levels.  I’ll let you know when it’s ready and we’ll have another unveiling party..YIPEE!!

  1. Amy Green October 19, 2016 at 12:45 am Reply

    I love everything about this post. Life is fluid – and when we embrace it beauty unfolds. I can’t wait to see your new site -Tara Davis has so much to give the world. ❤️

    • davis_tarad@yahoo.com October 19, 2016 at 1:36 pm Reply

      Thank you for you encouragement!

  2. Liz Schneider October 19, 2016 at 12:48 pm Reply

    Kudos, Tara, on greater visibility, owning your wisdom and creating masterpieces still.. Just from a more expanded perspective.

    • davis_tarad@yahoo.com October 19, 2016 at 1:38 pm Reply

      Thanks Liz! The more I see what’s going on internally and allow it to open the more that opens externally and the flow increases everyday.

  3. Cathleen October 19, 2016 at 3:48 pm Reply

    Awesome. I totally feel you about seeking approval and admire your shift.

    • davis_tarad@yahoo.com October 20, 2016 at 10:46 am Reply

      Thanks Cathleen! Following the shifts is part of my process. Seeing the changes that want to come through me, acknowledging them and allowing them to flow through me is the only way I’m finding that suits me best. It’s not always the easiest way. in fact is often the harder road. My mantra is Surrender to universe and watch what happens. Tune in and listed sister! You know what to do. I can feel there is a calling for you that you’re not sure what to do with. There is something calling you that’s outside of your comfort zone and there’s anxiety around it. It’s the universe calling. It’s a wake-up call. If it’s a scary jump, following one step at a time is easier. Happy to dive further with you if you need it. Lots of love

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