Tara is such a beam of light and love. She connects to the universe in a very concrete way, drawing wisdom and knowledge from the divine as if she were picking fruit from a tree. Her ability to see people at such a deep level allows her to work with their souls instead of their heads, seeing them clearly for exactly who they are and giving them the gentle guidance to see it for themselves. Her personal expression involves so much kindness, vulnerability, and rawness that it opens up the part of me that I tend to shut down, and her ability to reflect the deep unconditional love that we all have makes me feel safe and appreciated in her presence. She is a powerful force on this planet, and her coaching gives me the strength to tap back into to the core of my being and remember who I came into this world to be.
CS – Austin, Texas

Tara has supported me through some deeply difficult and fully joyous parts of my life. I’ve always felt safe and accepted in our work together. Tara has a way of seeing my heart and honoring every piece of who I am. She reminds me of who I am at my core and helps me focus on what matters most. There is no greater gift.
AG, Dallas, Texas

Tara has a true gift. She has the authentic ability to channel and fully access the angelic realms. She is a beautiful light being who has incarnated to put us in touch with our greatest potential. After my first session with Tara, I instantly knew that energetic blocks were melting away, and my eyes were opening from a great sleep. She was a powerful witness to my dreams and goals and helped me lift my own veils of fear and limitation. Within a few months of having 2 sessions with her, my entire life began to change. I lost weight, I manifested an amazing relationship, and my artistic pursuits took greater form. My life is still unfolding powerfully and, almost two years later, I am still on a powerful upswing. I am truly grateful to Tara for her wisdom, her clarity, and her loving ability to put me in touch with my own inner guidance. She is a healer of the highest good. Thank you, Tara!
RM – Santa Barbara, California

Tara is compassionate, respectful of all people and life; is open-minded, in tune with herself while being in tune with others. She is wise and spiritual, and a devoted healer. I would recommend her healing gifts to all.
CP, Colorado

Tara exudes a passionate energy that is felt in her presence. She joyfully shares her healing spirit to calm our restless souls. After our distance healing session, I was both peaceful and charged to explore the findings. Tara has an intuition that brings forth an understanding of who we are and how to move forward.

She is always so insightful, asking great questions that made me dig deeper and think about situations from a different perspective. She is always without judgement, making it easy to fully open up and share my innermost thoughts and feelings.  The experiences in her own life have served as valuable learning for me. She always made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Every time I left our conversations, I felt so energized and empowered to move forward…she helped me see how powerful I am and that I have nothing to feel bad about.

Her exuberance is absolutely contagious…what a bright light she is in this world! ~

JG, California