Have you ever tried to write down 100 things you like about yourself?  It’s not easy!
We’re not really conditioned to like 100 things about ourselves.  To continually look at a paper with the
number 100 at the end and know I have to fill it up, makes me want to run into the next room and leave my list
floating in the dust.
It’s daunting.  Liking 100 things about myself seems frivolous, time-consuming, possibly time-wasting.

But I’ll tell you, it’s life changing.

It makes me sit instead of leave.

It makes me think instead of zoning out.

I appreciate more about me.

I see things about myself I didn’t realize I liked.

And I’m feeling really empowered about all the things I like about me.

In actuality, it’s part of the new book from Mary Shores, Conscious Communication, Your Step-by-Step

Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life.

I started reading her book about a month ago in anticipation of having her on my podcast today.

Mary teaches individuals and businesses to fearlessly create their own realities by using scientific methods

and practical personal development.

And using the 100 things list is one of the techniques.

Mary’s book is about bringing more Consciousness into our lives and living the life we dream of living.

You can find Conscious Communication  anywhere books are sold.   

And you can hear more about the book and listen to Mary’s guidance in today’s podcast.



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