Ditching coffee has been way more insightful than I bargained for. I knew I’d have withdrawals, maybe a few headaches, but since I don’t drink that much I wasn’t expecting any of the symptoms I’ve had in the past. What I hadn’t bargained for was what really surfaced from not consuming it.  More self-care. 

Since last weeks blog I’ve given up my morning joe, my cup of love, my java.  Here’s what’s happened. I realized I’ve been using coffee to fuel my day, and, to deny several aspects of my daily life. It get’s me going in the morning; I get a better longer run; my day keeps up with me and my coffee pace. A pace, by the way, that I’ve allowed society to tell me I should maintain. I let it take me away from cooking plant-based meals for myself. It took me away because I allowed myself to become so busy and coffee-fueled that I was continually working.  When you work for yourself and are creating your own business the balance of work and life can easily become skewed.  I was denying myself rest and time away from the business.  Meal planning for myself was taking a back seat again.  My extra efforts were consumed with what I thought I should be doing-focusing on all the aspects of my business.  Stop! Self-care has knocked on my door again.

Burnout happens quickly for me.  After going all week without my morning cuppa I could see my life was starting to take a turn. I was weepy, sad, felt overwhelmed, snarky towards my family.  I took the day off.  And the rest of the weekend for that matter.  I allowed myself to slow down again. Slowing down gave way to the realization that I was moving too fast and leaving me to the wayside.  I am well aware that when I don’t take care of me, the rest of my life usually falls apart.  Balance is so important.

If there’s one thing I learned living in Central and South America it’s that getting back to the basics of living is incredibly important.  While living down south I made all our food.  We shopped almost daily for fresh produce.  I took the time to prepare it.  I took care of myself.  We spent time together as a family.  These are the basics of life and when these are missing our systems are out of whack.

Going forward I’ve decided to take Friday’s off. Any mother knows when one has a family weekends aren’t really time off.  So friday’s are now my day. I’ll use them to do whatever I want.  And right now that’s to get back into shape. Read. Catch up on me time. Self-care day.  When I have this balance the rest of my life and my family flow much more smoothly.  

I’ll keep you posted on how this goes.  I’m open to what flows into my life as I slow it down, all the while still creating a business.  It almost sound counter-productive, doesn’t it?!

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