Amber St. Peter is a wildy popular Plant Based Chef, Cookbook Author, and Blogger living in Fullerton, California with her husband and pitbull pup, Maddie.

She recently completed her 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training and is now a Certified Yoga Teacher.

When she’s not working on her blog, Good Saint, you can find her perusing local Farmer’s Markets, comic book shops, and rock climbing gyms. Her first cookbook, Homestyle Vegan, is available wherever books are sold. 

In this revealing episode, we’re going to talk with Amber about her struggles with Eating Disorders and she has learned to love her body in a more healthy and accepting way. She takes us through her several year journey with anorexia and bulemia and finding her way out.  

We’re also going to chat about CBT and THC and how these strains of Medical Marijuana have helped Amber’s healing process.  

 Join us live.  Call in for questions and comments or just to chat with us.  


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