I’ve split up with coffee more times than I can count. Only to realize several months later it’s gradually snuck it’s way back into my life, like a bad relationship. This love hate thing I have going on has taken it’s toll on me. I’m changing to magic mushrooms. What kind you ask? Let’s chat.

Last week I talked about food sensitivities and allergies . Did any of it resonate with you?  Did you find yourself identifying with some of the reactions?

I have a sensitive system and that’s all there is to it. And coffee and a sensitive system don’t really go together. I find when coffee has crept its way back into my life I go into denial mode and tell myself and everyone around me how much I really do love it. Only to realize a year later the person I’m kidding is me.

Here’s what I love ~ I love the bitterness of it. I love the smell of freshly ground beans. I love the ritual of making it-I use a Chemex and the process of making a batch is fun. I have lots of energy for a good run. And let’s face it, coffee gets the morning constitutional moving.

Here’s what I don’t love ~ Even though I’ve weaned myself down to a quarter cup it still gives me the jitters. I get irritable, agitated, anxious. I have an airy disconnected feeling about me. I crash in the afternoon. Sometimes I feel so sluggish I want a nap. I don’t love what it does for my adrenal glands. Overall, the small amount of love I have for it is outweighed by all the resentment I feel. It lures me in with it’s fabulous smell only to let me down with all the after effects.

My goal is to have a balance of health and well-being and be the best version of me I can be.  For me this means giving my body exactly what it wants.  Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t crave a good salty chip now and then. That’s where the balance comes in. It just means the majority of what I consume is what my body is calling for. And coffee isn’t it.

So what is it? In the past I’ve tried several different items, attempting to replace my morning java: Chicory Root, Dandelion tea, Teeccino, Dandy Herbal Blend. None of them really stuck.  I enjoyed the flavors of each of these, my desire to quit coffee wasn’t enough. The willpower feels different this time.  My desire to feel better is stronger than my desire for coffee. I don’t find myself craving it so much as craving a morning replacement.

There’s a shift in energy when you know you’re done. I don’t feel an attachment to the addiction anymore. Remember with that old relationship, when you just knew it was over? There was no longer a charge around it; no desire to even engage in it’s energy. That’s where I am with coffee. There’s nothing left for me in that relationship.  

Here’s what I’m replacing it with! http://yumuniverse.com/mushroom-coffee-alternative/ 
It’s the perfect mixture of some of the ingredients I’ve tried in the past. And you can see the health benefits are off the charts. I’m excited to sprinkle cinnamon or cardamom on top of the frothy whipped coconut milk.  I love trying new things. And even writing about it gets me excited. I’m giddy to try my new morning routine of making a warm cup of LOVE that  nurtures and feeds my desire for all things healthy.

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