Are you singing the song too?! It’s such a childlike song and so seemingly simplistic in it’s words.  Yet if you’ve ever tried to trust and  follow a particular path in life chances are you’ve gotten hung up or confused or become so frustrated you gave up. Often times following a path can mean following it in faith and not knowing what the end result looks like.  Other times might be easier and you have a clear road ahead. All you have to do is follow the steps laid out in front of you.

In my life I’ve lead the trail of following in faith. I’m usually given an idea or concept or feel strongly that I need to accomplish a certain task, and normally I’m not sure what the end result will be or even exactly why I’m doing it.  Or it might be that I know why I’m doing it yet the bigger picture just isn’t there.  I’ve become accustomed to living like this. The Universe guides me to a particular path and I follow the road.  I know from experience that all will be revealed to me if I trust and have faith and follow the lead of the Divine.

Let me give you an example of the current journey I’m on. The first stepping stone of this particular journey started when I was guided to create a website and start blogging. Those were the only details I had. I completed that part of the journey; created my site and started blogging. Then came the overwhelming idea that it was time to write a book. Really?! I was guided to take a writing course which led me to my next stone.  I realized through the course that in order to publish a book to more than the 25 immediate family and friends circle I needed a platform.  And incase you’re not aware of what a platform is, because neither was I, it’s your following: your email list, your social media presence.  People who you will essentially be selling your book to and the people who will be your cheerleaders.  I’ve finished the book course and learned powerful information on writing. But the main piece I took away from the course was to create my platform. I realized writing the book is still in me but the platform needs to come first. So I put the book on hold and have been working on my platform. As I hung out on this stone, the next piece of the journey came into my awareness; while I continue to grow my platform it’s time to change-up the website. It should better represent the breadth of my skills and knowledge.  I’ve been working diligently behind the scenes on the new website.  While working on the creation of the website I was guided to take another course.  Marie Forleo’s B-school.  It’s a comprehensive once a year business school. Past grad’s have liken it to an MBA on steroids.  And that would be accurate!  I’m currently in the first portions of the course and much to my surprise, or not, another stepping stone has shown up. Marie offers a course called The Copy Cure. I felt very strongly that even though I am in the middle of B-School this is exactly the right time to also take this course. We learn exactly how to make our words sound like us; in other words write like we tawk!

 Currently I’m taking her B-school and her Copy Cure Course and redesigning my website.  And if that’s not enough this morning another piece of my journey revealed itself…a cookbook of sorts!  HA! Are you laughing with me yet?! Just when I thought my plate was full, the yellow brick road comes calling again.  

My point in all this is allowing yourself to follow the path. If I had said no to any of the above steps the next one would not have been able to reveal itself.  I would have stopped progress in it’s tracks.  However, from experience I know that when you decline one of your steps it will keep nudging and nagging until you finally decide to get on board.

I invite you to follow the steps on your path with a renewed sense of faith. Allow the Universe to guide you into areas that you might not otherwise have considered. Take a step into the unknown. Follow your yellow brick road.


  1. Cindy P April 6, 2017 at 9:36 am Reply

    You are always so inspiring…and right on target. Most of us don’t even consider that we are ON a path….or forget that we are and it is OUR (chosen) path. I, for one, often forget this. I get too busy, finding myself going from one activity or commitment to the next, forget to stop, or even pause. I have discovered (of late) that it is beneficial to stop, take a deep breath and refocus, asking myself, ” am I still on MY path or someone else’s.” My journey/path frequently meanders; I often get side-tracked, finding myself overcommitted, running from this project to that activity without taking a “time-out.” I have to stop, take a deep breath, refocus, and ask myself, “Am I still on my path or someone else’s?” If we don’t periodically stop to find that balance in our life, making sure that WE are still in the center of our journey, how can we know that we are on the right path? When I feel overwhelmed (with too much going on), I know….Cindy, you’re off-balance, get yourself back on track. A good walk, enjoying the out-of-doors always does it for me.
    Thanks for the reminder, Tara. Happy Day!

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