Did you catch my Radio Show last week?!  It’s my debut this time around.  I had a radio show several years back with a co-host and it was one of the most fun times I’ve had.  I love doing radio and talking with others about hot topics.  And the option of being live and having callers call in to chat and ask questions makes it even more fun.  Did I mention it’s fun and I love it?!

My first show last week was For Women Only.  Although, men, if your female partner is between the ages of 40-55 it might be enlightening for you. It’ll give you some insight into the behavior of this group of women.

Peri and Menopausal women have the best access to wisdom.  And the wisdom is their own.  Our bodies hold so much knowledge and it’s up to us to tap into it, listen and follow the guidance. It’s a time of great fertility of the mind.  Our creativity can be at its best. Women by default want to reinvent themselves; shed past selves and create a second life.

During this period marriages can come under scrutiny. Our personal lives can warrant a microscope. Examining what we’ve emotionally shoved under the rug during the first half of our live is a fantastic way to release anger, resentment, sadness, betrayal that can manifest itself in bodily illness.  We get to look at the patterns and belief systems that have been in place over this first part of our life and decide if they are still serving us or not.

I’m kicking off this discussion with the book by Dr. Christiane Northrup, The Wisdom of Menopause.  It’s a 600+ page book.  So I have no doubt we’ll be visiting this topic many more times.

Join me below for a beginning discussion on one of the most fertile times in our female evolution.  Who would have thought menopause could be such a blessing?!


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