Will the real you please step forward?!  How often can we say, “I’m just being me,” and really meant it or is the “just being me” a false version we’ve made up?  
Being us can often be elusive. Speaking for myself I’ll tell you I haven’t always been me. I’ve been versions of myself. Versions I’ve tried on to see if they fit.  Version I saw other people trying on too or perhaps they were actually being themselves and I thought they were cool.  I’ve been versions I thought others would like. I’ve been version others told me to be or expected me to be. It’s only been within the last ten years that the real me has begun to emerge.

What is it about being real that scares us?  I’ll tell you. It’s the unknown.   It’s fear. When we realize we haven’t fully been ourself it can be scary to even entertain the idea of the person waiting to come out.  There’s not a guarantee when we embark on a journey of self discovery.  

What if our personality shifts and we become a completely new person? What if our partner doesn’t like the new us? What if we decide we don’t like our partner?  Or in fact we decide we want a completely different type of partner. What if we’re ready to come out of the closet and be the real human we were meant to be?

When we finally decide to find out who we really are, our loved ones can often have a hard time with it. They might even ask if we haven’t been the real us, who is it we’ve been up til now.

When I started realizing my real personality had been suppressed for years I began my journey of self discovery.

Self discovery can be intimidating and scary and full of the unknown.  What if I’ve built a life around being a particular person then suddenly realize I’m not that person at all? I’m way more!

Mind you I wasn’t always a bump on a log or a piece of clay for others to mold.  I definitely had a rebellious side. Growing up I loved to do what my parents told me not to.  I loved getting my first tattoo because it was an act completely unexpected from me.  It wasn’t what good girls did.

I always knew there was more to me than I was expressing.  The earliest I can remember was in grade school.  I heard a soft whispering in the back of my heart there was more. But I wasn’t sure what to do about it.

I heard it through high school.  Intuitively I knew there was more I was to be doing with my life.  I let it go.

When I got married and started a family the whisperings started to grow. Like the scent of flower that would drift in and out, I couldn’t quite identify it.

As I raised my boys I was devoted to my job.  I knew I was actively serving an incredible purpose, yet the slight tapping on my shoulder remained.  

Finally I decided to open the door to this voice.  I had no idea what I’d find.  I just knew it had been trying to speak to me my entire life and I almost couldn’t ignore it anymore.

When we decide it’s time to find out who we really are the Universe provides incredible support.  It provides opportunities for growth, brings new people into our lives to show us new ways of being.  It gives us courage to step out and claim ourselves.

Wanting more for our lives isn’t bad.  It’s quite the opposite.  Wanting more for our lives is the best we can do for ourself.  The Universe conspires with us to give and provide us every beautiful thing life has to offer.  It’s up to us to choose the path of self discovery.

There are no rules or guidelines when it comes to self discovery.  There’s no guarantee that all will be the same on the other side.  Self discovery is just that~discovering places within us that have been hidden from the world and letting those pieces be free, however it looks.

Let’s stop hiding the real us from the world.  We are all here to provide a gift to the planet.  Some of us are here in a professional capacity.  Some of us are here to work on ourselves and that self work makes a better human contributing to the whole.  Some of us are here to learn what love is and pass it on to everyone they meet.  

I know a few of these love people. They exude so much love I think that’s their sole gift to our planet. To be the full essence of love itself.  When I’m in their presence I feel love and joy and happiness. It’s makes me better.

I invite you to check in.  Are you expressing your fullness?  Is there a soft whispering that’s been waiting to be heard but you’re not sure how to access it?  Invite the whispers to become louder.  Ask the Universe to guide you and give you courage.  

We’re all cheering you on!

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