Over the last 12+ years I’ve learned the many meanings of the words surrender and faith.  When I began learning how to surrender to a situation it felt incredibly scary.  I’d had been used to being in control: controlling my situations, planning the outcomes, knowing what to expect.I had faith in myself to bring about what I wanted and I wasn’t crazy about  the idea of relinquishing this control to someone other than me. So when a friend suggested I try surrendering to a particular situation and have faith in the Universe I froze. Doesn’t surrender mean giving up and not caring? Who or what am I surrendering to?  Who’s in charge of the outcome? What if I don’t like the outcome?  What if it’s more than I can handle?With all these unanswered questions swirling around in my head I could feel the tension in my body, anxiety starting to creep up in my belly; the suggestion of it felt out of control.  I hadn’t yet implemented any of the suggestions from my friend yet I was experiencing physical symptoms from even the thought of having to give up a situation to the Universe.  After all how did this higher power really know what I wanted or needed?  

Fast forward to now and I know exactly how to surrender and have faith.  I know there is a higher power orchestrating my life with me and when I can’t get out of my own way I know I have to let it go.  You’re belief in a higher power can be called whatever fits in your life: the Divine, God, the Universe, Spirit, a higher intelligence. Whatever it is, this is who you call on when you’re ready to have faith and surrender.

For me surrender means letting go of control. It means I have no attachment to an outcome. In that moment I have chosen to see the situation differently and have given it to the Universe to heal.  I trust the outcome will always be more than I can imagine. I know that when I try to be in control of a situation I’m stifling the incredible miracles waiting to flow to me.

A perfect example is my most recent session with my acupuncturist.  I had a personal issue that I wanted to resolve.  I wanted to let go of judgement I had surrounding a particular situation with my husband.  I was tired of holding onto the thought I was right. By me holding onto the piece of judgement, I was energetically holding him in this particular behavior.  Plus, judgement only means if I look deeper into the matter there is a piece of me that can identify with his behavior. I know from past experience that once I am willing to see a situation differently and release my attachment to end result,  the outcome will always be more than my simple mind can imagine.  

I explained the situation and my desire to surrender all this to my acupuncturist.

I’m so fortunate that once he’s placed the needles my acupuncturist also uses Cranio Sacral work as well as a few other modalities. These added modalities always seem to catapult my experience.  I had no idea what to expect other than a healing.  What transpired was more than I had imagined.  As we went through the session I realized I was still holding on to pieces of old Co-Dependent behavior; pieces that I thought I had let go of long ago. The words that flowed through me as I layed on the massage table were “let go” and “release him.”  The images I received were intense.  I was crying from the pain of let him go.  I had no idea what the outcome of this was to be or where it was even heading. All I knew was in that moment I could do nothing other than continue to surrender to this moment and the powerful energy that was flowing through me. It felt as if I were saying goodbye to him; saying goodbye to us. Throughout the hour session waves of release and letting go continued to flood through me. My tears flowed and flowed.

The reason I could continue releasing and letting go instead of stopping the entire experience is because I’ve learned to trust and have faith in the Universe.  I knew there was a higher purpose for all this and eventually I would know what it was.

The purpose was an intense cleansing.  Because of my faith in the process I was able to release my attachment to so many quirky behaviors of his that I was judging.  My attachment to them are gone. I have released myself from thought patterns of control, being right, knowing it all.  I didn’t realize how heavy of a burden these were until now. My relationship if more free. I no longer care if these behaviors happen or not, and interestingly enough, they’ve almost stopped.  When I was able to release my judgement and attachment to the behaviors the energy around them dissipated and they vanished. By allowing the process of faith and surrender I have brought about miracles in myself and my relationship.

I invite you to practice faith and surrender.  What situation have you been holding onto that you desire to change? What patterns no longer seem to fit your personality?  Give them up to Spirit and ask them to be healed. Let go of the outcome, then watch the miracles unfold.

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