How do any of these end up in the same sentence?
What can they possibly have in common with this weeks podcast?
This year I wanted to be specifically intentional in creating a New Year.
In years past I’ve kinda participated in making my year an intentional one.  I’ve kinda set an intention, or made a New Year Resolution, or verbalized what I wanted to happen in the year.  And some years I haven’t really thought about it at all.

It’s definitely been a half-baked attempt at participating in that level of my life.

This year I realized I wanted to be fully present and fully participate in the creation of what this year looks like for me.

Fully participating means listening to what the Universe would like me to hear; putting on the altar what I’m ready to manifest;  letting go of what’s no longer working; and being mindful of the things that are ready to come.

It means gathering all the information from sources I trust and putting them together to form a picture. And it also means looking at the old beliefs and old habits that are ready to be released.

To do this, I listen to speakers and guides. I listen to my intuition.  I tap into the consciousness of all creation to see what lessons I’m here to learn now.

There are areas of my life that are NOT WORKING in a big way and I wanted to find out how to heal these pieces.

I wanted to make sure I was on the same page with the Universe and that we are co-creating my life together.

Some of the ways I’ve put my New Year Intentions together is through Divination.  I used angel cards, crystals, stones and a few other.  I attended a day long Shamanic Ceremony.

I meditated for several days specifically on the upcoming year.

Got a massage.  Had acupuncture.

Truth be told, I love doing this stuff.  It takes me to my happy place.  It makes me giddy to be in circle with a group of devoted women.  So letting this all unfold as it did was rather easy and incredibly fun.

Listen to the podcast here and find out how the Beastie Boys and Justin Bieber influenced the outcome of setting my intentions.

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