You may or may not have noticed, I’ve been MIA for a month. It feels like longer than that, but it had to be done.  I was heading for a crash. I had too many items on my plate.  

And as good as I thought I was at multitasking, one does have an expectation of finishing one’s projects.  Mine was unfinished!  Even after I blogged about taking Friday’s off, to allow myself more time, I was still stressed and no nearer to completing my projects .

Here’s what I had on my plate.  And let me say, we all have our tipping point. Mine is not the same as yours and yours is not the same as mine.   I’ve learned to honor my point. On my plate was business school, writing a weekly blog, making a weekly video, creating content for the revamp of my website, creating freebies that you’ll receive when you sign up for my forthcoming newsletter, deciding on what company to go with with said newsletter, teaching myself how to podcast, researching podcasting equipment, brainstorming on podcast ideas and those whom I want to interview, coaching clients, taking care of myself, taking of my family, being the household momma and taking care of all that goes with that, carpooling….need I go on!

 A champion multitasker is not what I was, I was overloaded.  There were so many irons in the fire that progress was slow, I was snarky and nothing was really moving forward. Something had to give.

Since my family isn’t going away, thank goodness, that was non-negotiable. And my clients make my heart sing, they were definitely staying.    

For work, I took away all except creating the newsletter freebies.  And guess what?!  The freebies got done.  Now I’m working on the podcasting piece and making serious headway.  I’m also working with my web designer on the ideas and designs to update my site.  But he’s doing that; I just answer the questions on how I want it to look. I’ll put the business school back in a couple of months.

When you take the million and one things off your plate that you “think” you have to do and decide what’s really important, things actually get done.  You get to put a check in the completion box.

And I’m not stressed!  It’s true that stress manifests itself in our bodies. All kinds of little quirks were showing up that weren’t there before.  

There’s something to be said for working on one thing at a time and giving it your full attention.  It’s not a half-assed job or just good enough. The final product is a piece you’ve been present with from start to finish and woman it feels good!

Having given you insight into my last month, I want to let you know what you can look forward to.

Months ago I sent out a questionnaire to some friends which greatly helped me to know who my audience is and what they desire in their lives.

My intention when I relaunch my site it that you will receive a weekly newsletter with a blog or video, a podcast/interview, a plant-based recipe and a couple other items.  The topics will cover the spectrum of body, mind and spirit, from more plant-based eating to acupuncture; from how to listen to our intuition, to the science of our belief system; from women’s health to creating new habits. In a nutshell it’s how every facet of our lives are intertwined.  If you love one part but don’t love another, you’ll find out how one is connected to the other and how to shift it.

Over the next several months I’ll start sharing these podcasts and interviews with you and I’m so excited!  I’ve been waiting patiently, for a long time, to be able to share ways of creating the life you desire, on your terms; to give you new ideas; open up new pathways of thinking; offer you growth in areas you might not have previously considered. Of course sometime growth comes with uncomfortableness but that’s part of the journey, right?!  I encourage you to open up something new and exciting, even if it is outside of your box.  I’m going to be growing right along with you.

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