In this episode of my Blog Talk Radio Show I read pieces of my recent journal posts.   My journal is filling up with a couple of issues that coincide.  And what better way to share them with you than to read them and discuss them.
Balance has been MIA for me lately.  In my work, in my family, within myself.   Yucky habits of allowing what others think about how I work has kinda crept in.

I’ve allowed the little voice in my head to put doubt in my mind.  Doubt that I’m not working enough. Or that I’m not enough.

The false belief that tells me I have to work hard to get what I want has started whispering in my ear.  Let’s dispel that belief right now!  None of us have to “work hard” to get what we want.  When we’re in the feeling of joy and gratitude and creating from that space, that’s were we can be the most effective.

There’s a big difference between working hard and creating our desires.

Last year about this time I blogged about being out of balance.  But it was a few weeks into the holiday season.  Yeay for me.  I’ve caught it before I’ve become really wacky!

Let’s address this!  Let’s address our own level of production.  Our own pace of how we get things done.

Let’s find that place within that lets us be ok with who and how we are in the world!

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