Balancing summer and work is real for me. I struggling with wanting to work on the creations of my business, wanting to slow down because it’s summer, wanting to spend time with my last child at home, then back to wanting to work.  Often comparisons of how other women manage their summer and run a business creep into my mind. Then I remind myself that comparison does nothing for me and isn’t even a productive thought.

I wonder how many other women clash with the summer mind and the mom guilt.
Recently I started reading Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen.  From the first page of her book I felt love and acceptance, both from her and for myself. She immediately reminded me I’m doing my best everyday, no matter the defeatist thoughts I attempt to sell myself.

Continuing through her book, Rachel’s words rang true at a very deep level.  As a society we do not love ourselves enough. We think we need to move faster, work harder, accomplish more, change ourselves, and for what? Who are we trying to impress? Some days it’s a challenge to just be us.

My current strife is with the pace I’m moving creating my new website and podcasts, actually I’ve changed from podcast to Blog Talk Radio and finding balance.  Patience is a quality often elusive in my life.  It’s a technique much like yoga, a life long practice.  I know exactly how I desire the new website to look, the beginning topics for Blog Talk and how I want it to evolve.  Putting it all into real life takes time, energy and money.  And doesn’t happen very fast during the summer.  Since I know the creations I can bring forth, I’m uber excited to share them with you!  Right now!  But often I think my thoughts of wanting to do it all now stem from pressure around me to do it all.

Yet the Universe has shown me that just as soon as I think I know exactly how it’s going to work, and want to move at a super fast pace, I’m reminded of the benefits of taking it slow.  Unrushed is when the creative ideas filter to the surface, it’s when I can day-dream and allow synchronicity and serendipity to happen. And honestly, that’s where creativity flows.  And if I get truly honest I know that everything happens in perfect timing.  We are always on the perfect pace, at the perfect place and doing the perfect thing.  The Universe will never let us be off track for the purpose we’ve come here to serve.

It’s my mind and ego that desire to move faster than the rest of me. The ego tells me I should be keeping up with the role models I aspire to be like.  But Yoga Girl tells me to just love me and do me at my pace. Her philosophy feels so much better.

My mom guilt has subsided some.  I’ve had a few chats with myself about giving myself a break and allowing life to flow through me rather than forcing it to happen and how to love me exactly as I am, mom guilt and all.

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