I just started reading Suzy Orman’s book The Courage to Be Rich.  And I also just enrolled in Nick Ortner,s  7-week course in EFT for finances.  I’ve realized I have issues around money and I’m not willing to have them anymore.  Often money comes and goes for me.  Or I have plenty.  Then I have none. Or I can overspend.  I have fear around making a lot of money because I’m afraid of spending it all.  Does any of this resonate with you?  Does it sound silly to you?  I mean really, who states they’re afraid to make too much money.  But really, it’s a block to financial abundance.  

In this episode about money I’m going to talk about the connection of money and the energy that surrounds it.  And how it either flows to us continuously or not. There’s a spirituality around money.  We either love it or hate it and it’s this same vibration we send out to money.  

In doing some personal emotional digging this weekend I found an example leading back to grade school where I made fun of a fellow classmate just to deflect attention from me to her.  I was hoping others would see her finanical flaws and not mine.

Join me as I talk through my own examples on this journey.  And we’ll talk about Suzy Orman’s book and the 3 emotions we can have around money. 



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