Currently I’m reading Suzy Orman’s book The Courage to Be Rich.   I’m also enrolled in Nick Ortner,s  7-week course in EFT for financial Success and Personal Fulfillment .  Obvious to say, I have issues around money.  And I’m no longer willing to have them.  Often money comes and goes for me;  often I have plenty, then I have less. Or I can overspend.  Or I reign in the habits and don’t spend.  I have fear around making a lot of money because I’m afraid of spending it all.  Does any of this resonate with you?  Does it sound silly to you?  I mean really, who states they’re afraid to make too much money.  But it’s one of the blocks to financial abundance.

The more I read in Suzy’s book about money and the further along I get in the 7-week course about finances the more I realize how many blocks and old beliefs we have behind our money.

I’ve just recently uncovered a personal belief that I’m afraid to succeed because of the comments I might get from others.  In the past, others around me have been mediocre with their comments about my success and it’s left a subconscious imprint on my psyche.  As humans we want the praise and accolades when we achieve our goals.  When we don’t receive this it leaves blocks to our success, to our sense of self-worth, and for our desire to do it again.  This particular imprint has stayed with me causing me to play small, doubting myself.  I didn’t even realize it was playing in the back of my mind until I started the 7 week course and we began uncovering the hidden layers.

In this episode of my radio show I talk about the connection of money and the energy that surrounds it. And how it either continuously flows to us or not. There’s a spirituality around money.  We’re either open to it or we block it.

I’m learning the ways I’ve been relating to money up until now.  I desire to change my relationship and vibration towards money. And I’ll share these with you.

In doing some personal digging this week I found a memory from grade school where I made fun of a classmate just to deflect attention from me to her.  I was hoping others would see her shortcomings and not mine. I was hoping they would make fun of her and not me.

In this episode I share with you this painful memory and my feelings of shame around it.  I share the whole memory and the letter I recently wrote to my childhood friend.

I talk through my own examples on this journey of money and finances.  And we’ll talk about Suzy Orman’s book and the 3 emotions we can have around money.  Listen to see how you relate to money and where your blocks are to financial success.

I’d love to hear you input and your vulnerability around money.  Let’s get real with this.




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