Today we’re continuing our discussion on being in the present moment.  What does it mean to be present?
Aren’t I always right here, right now?
We’re starting with the ways in which we check out of the present moment.  What are our vices that allow us not to show up in the moment.
Staying in the present moment means being willing to feel uncomfortable.  It means being willing to feel what comes up and being willing to dig deeper into the feelings.  If we’re feeling uncomfortable we get to ask ourselves why.  

Why do I feel uncomfortable right now?

What is going on that makes me feel uncomfortable? And just sit with it.  Sit with what comes up and be curious about it.

Where does this come from?  What belief/s have I formed around this?

Time has always shown up for me as a constraint.  Most often I’ve seen time as a hinderance rather than a helper.

I love to have things done yesterday.  I wonder why it takes so long to get something done.  Why isn’t my project done yet?  From this vantage point, time has served me as a constraint.

Choosing to turn this around and see how, in the moment, time can be my friend and ally my piece that helps me grow.

Does time work against you or for you?

In this podcast I chat about how I’m willing to turn my situations around to view time differently and to see time as my friend.



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