For us to be in the present moment we have to be willing to be ourselves, for all that we perceive we are and all that we perceive we aren’t.  
There’s the key…perceive.  
Throughout our childhood we had experiences that formed our beliefs. These beliefs have formed the lenses from which we experience the world.  And from these lenses we are either able to be present in the moment or not.

Being in the present means allowing our issues to rise to surface and be with them rather than pushing them aside, so as not to feel them.  

Often we’ve become so good at pushing uncomfortable feelings aside we might not even recognize them anymore.  Or recognize how we feel.  We’ve been on autopilot so long we no longer know what  an uncomfortable feeling is or why it’s there.  We just sense that this is the moment when we need to escape.

Escaping the present moment provides a numbing effect.  And we escape the present moment with a variety of methods: shopping, TV, food, alcohol, sugar, anger, sarcasm, deflection.   Any of these modalities can take out of present and into a place where we don’t have to feel whatever is surfacing.

Staying in the present moment means being willing to feel uncomfortable.  It means being willing to feel what comes up and being willing to dig deeper into the feelings.  If we’re feeling uncomfortable we get to ask ourselves why.  Why do I feel uncomfortable right now?  And just sit with it.  Sit with what comes up and be curious about it.  Where does this come from?  What belief/s have I formed around this?  

In today’s podcast I go deeper into what it means to be in the present moment and why so many of us are unwilling to be there.

I offer tips and ways to stay in the moment and how it can help you heal.

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