Each show just gets better and better.  This one is no exception!  Blogger, Coach and Writer Julie Guthrie joins me as we chat about the ways we’ve been pretending in our lives.


I’ve come to the realization that I used to pretended I knew how to be a mom.  It didn’t come naturally to me at all. For that matter I used to pretend how to go about my life.

The emotional foundation to know myself on a deeper level didn’t exist so how could I emotionally show up for my kids.

I was young and I wasn’t done growing up or figuring myself out.  I was pretending like I knew what to do.

It wasn’t until I started on my inner journey of self discovery that I learned how to really tune into my thoughts and feelings and emotions and realize they were all valid.  This is when I started relating to my kids on an emotional level. I knew how to validate their emotions.

It’s when I started realizing I was living according to how others told me to live or how to feel or what to say.  I was living according to everyone else’s criteria and agenda rather than my own.

Wake up call!

Over a ten-year period I began my journey of searching within to find who I really was.  It almost sounds funny to arrive at a place, as an adult, and not know who we are.  But there I was.

In this episode of Holistic Living, Julie and I talk about many of the ways we’ve pretending in our lives for the sake of others.  Or to keep the status quo.  Or because we didn’t really know what else to do.

Join us in this episode  for an insightful look into our discovery of pretending we know what we’re doing.



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