UGH!  Just as soon as I typed the words in the title “Letting go of Control” I had a shiver.  Letting Go and Surrendering is an ongoing practice for me.  Just like yoga, I have to practice it frequently for my body to have the muscle memory to do it.  And for me to continue to grow.
Today on the podcast I find myself coming from a place of fear when I think about surrender.  The “What if” place.  What if I surrender, then what?  If I surrender how do I know it’s going to go the way I want it to go?
Sometimes it’s a moment to moment practice.  Letting go and surrendering can go as deep as we allow it to.

Surrender doesn’t mean giving up or giving in.

It means having a curiosity to see what’s on the other side.  It’s letting go of attachment to the outcome.

Often times fear is behind surrender.  When we can’t allow ourself to let go, we might be coming from a place of fear.  And this doesn’t mean we’re afraid for our life.  It might mean that if we let go and surrender, we’re afraid something undesirable will happen.

Surrendering might mean that we are ready to release the hold we’ve had on a situation. Maybe we’ve held anger or resentment towards a situation.  Surrendering to it doesn’t mean we’re saying the situation is ok.  It’s means we’re willing to go of the hold the situation has on us.

When we invite in surrender we invite in the opportunity for love to enter in.  We can let go in small increments or we can surrender on a bigger scale.

About halfway through the podcast I take you through a short exercise on breath work and listening to your body to recognize what it is you’re willing to surrender in your life.

There is so much good that can unfold when we allow ourself to surrender.

Today’s episode is here

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