I took Nick Ortner’s 7 week course, Tapping for Financial Abundance and Personal Fulfillment and finished it up this weekend.  I stretched it out over 9 weeks because my life took over.
I finished the course yesterday and the results are pretty big.
Each week is a new module focusing on a different beliefs or desires.
There are questions that allow us to find old patterns we’ve probably been running unconsciously our whole life.

Most of these patterns came from our childhood, our parents, our teachers, the society we grew up in. They become our life, how we see our life, what we believe we can do or not do, how society relates to us, how we relate to society, how we show up in our life or not show up, the words we speak, the thoughts we think.

Basically our entire life is a representation or a mirror of our beliefs.  We are the creators of our entire life.  And we arrive at the place we are now in our lives because of all the above

I started the course because I knew I had old beliefs around money that weren’t serving me anymore.  I knew in starting my business I didn’t want to have beliefs that were blocking my financial abundance.  So I dove in. And so much came out.

Listen in to hear about some of my old beliefs around financial abundance and personal fulfillment.

They might resonate with you and be holding you back too.

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