Autumn is the time of year we begin to slow down. We allow the fast pace of summer to end, preparing for the hibernation of winter. The days become shorter.   Energies in the environment begin to contract.  Trees let go of their leaves.  And as the days and nights become cooler our own body’s energy begins to turn within.  We naturally want to eat warming foods. We want to nourish ourselves; wrap up in a blanket; eat soups; drink hot tea. This is exactly what this season is supposed to be about.

During autumn it’s also common to want to rid ourselves of clutter.  We may recognize the desire to let go of what’s no longer serving us.  Whether it’s a job that no longer feeds our soul, a relationship that’s dead, too many clothes or items in our house that never get used.  In fact, according to Josh Schnieder of Cloud Gate Acupuncture it should really be called autumn cleaning rather than spring cleaning.  Autumn is for releasing.

During autumn our lungs and large intestines are usually more affected than at any other time of the year. Colds are common. We’re cleaning out the pipes.

Winter is for really slowing down.  It’s for hibernating and taking care of ourselves .  Going within and listening to our body and what it needs.  Feeding it warming foods and herbs.

Unfortunately we’ve  almost taken it to the opposite extreme. It seems winter has become the busiest time of the year with shopping and baking and parties and obligations.  It’s no wonder we come out of the holiday season and need a vacation.

In this episode of Blog Talk Radio we learn how to care for the body during autumn and winter. Traditional Chinese Medicine is about being in the flow with ourselves, with nature and the planet.  We’ll also chat about how acupuncture helps balance all this out.

Click here to listen.  When you’ve finished I’d love to hear how you honor these two seasons.  Tell me your way of slowing down or maybe you’re ready to start a new habit.

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