I recorded this episode months ago and today I’m revisiting.
The episode rings true for me on many levels; especially the shift of wanting to be out in the world doing my thing!
I still have my youngest child at home.  And although he’s 17, he still requires and deserves my love and attention and interaction and snuggles.
The part of me that’s shifting and wanting to get my message out in the world wants to ignore his wants and needs and hole up in my office( aka bedroom!) and work, work, work!

Maybe I should go back and listen to my podcast on balance!

Seriously though, according to Dr. Northup this is a normal part of my life. It’s normal for me at this part of my life to want to be more productive in the world rather than be family focused.

Can you relate?

Dr. Northup tells us that during the middle part of our life we start to make changes in how we see ourself.  My hand is going up.

She says it’s normal that as we have an urge to change things up, to see ourself in a different place, making a bigger contribution to the world.  These desires and longings to be making a difference are exactly what’s suppose to be taking place.

I’ve loved my time being a mom.  It’s been my full-time gig for 27 years.  And I know, it’s the most important job I’ll ever have.  Nothing will ever compare to the responsibility one has in bringing up responsible, mindful, strong, loving  and compassionate human beings.  It’s require me to step up and be a better human. It’s probably the greatest thing I’ll ever do.

And now I’m ready for Part two of my life.  The part where I get to reclaim myself.

I love Dr. Northup unapologetic way of telling us women we are in charge of everything in our life.  It’s reminding me of my strength.

Listen here to find out more about this incredible part of our life.

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