In our continued podcast  Julie and I pick up our conversation with the Act of Surrender.
Faith, Letting Go of Attachment, and Expressing Gratitude also make an appearance.
Believe it or not these are all connected.  It’s hard to have one step without the other.  

The more Julie and I are in conversation about these topics, the deeper we go into our own journeys.

I’ve realized the work I’ve personally done this year has been around having faith and  knowing the Universe has everything in order.  And surrendering the outcomes.  I’m learning to release control in a big way.  Once we start to let go of the reigns and are willing to see the ways control can seep into our life, other ways show themselves.

It’s so easy to want control into our lives. It feels like the easy road to take.  If everything’s under control then I know exactly what to expect.  When in fact this is the hardest way to exist.  It’s like fighting to get upstream.

Tuning in and learning how to listening to our guidance is so much easier.  Allowing ourselves to hear the guidance and following the path that’s laid out in front of us  affords us the opportunity to let someone else be in charge.  And this is where all the above comes in.

We all need the reminder to tune in and listen.  Because it’s easy to get off track.  All it takes is a gentle self reminder to realign with ourselves and our higher power.

This year has been an incredible year of growth. I’ve learned lessons in such a deeper more meaningful way.  Just when I thought I had one lesson down, I realized I could go even deeper.

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I hope you have a beautiful and joy filled Holiday Season.  And I’ll be back in two weeks.

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